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What man is a man who does not make the world better!



Every conversation about inevitability and the speed of change will end with the question, “Who can keep pace?” Many companies across the world are transferring their data to digital platforms, strengthening their decision-making mechanisms, and improving their services, with the experiences they’ve gained in the process.

Every business is facing unprecedented market conditions. The Covid-19 pandemic had extreme effects on all our lives and work habits. This era’s risks don’t resemble anything we’ve seen before. The unpredictable situation has inclined many companies to take action, with no risk.

Not taking risky action was the solution of "yesterday” and sometimes it was the right approach. Today, due to increasing competition in the market, organizations are being forced to make a difficult choice: either transform their business models or witness the values they’ve created to be slowly taken away by digital solutions.

"The Belet Boz Approach", proposes an integrated corporate transformation solution, and it is structured to seek answers to questions "Why, How, and What?" It is also possible to design and implement this solution in a modular approach, according to the needs of the organization.



Corporate Values and Strategy

Why ?

Preparing people and organizations for the future is the main element motivating us. The first step of achieving success tomorrow is to determine the situation today. We support you in studying your inner self, to determine corporate values and strategy.

The digital revolution eviscerated some industries in a remarkably short time. Nowadays, it is extremely difficult to think of operational efficiency, separate from the business model. While customer demand shows radical changes, each company must re-evaluate its main purpose and value proposition.

The "Purpose Driven Companies" model is taking the spotlight, in the most advanced markets. The journey, which starts with the values of the company and its leaders, turns into the highest level of customer and employee experience at the end of the day.

Cultural Transformation

How ?


When we examine the most resilient business structures, the best skill against change shows itself as being able to choose and coach their leaders.

Leaders who believe in constant improvement are a must-have for effective transformation and sustainable growth. Such leaders can explain why we need these changes at the most critical moment and ensure their team also becomes a part of this process. The cultural transformation process must reach a certain level of maturity for a successful digital transformation.

The better the employee experience is, the more resilient your company will be. Your teams will effectively respond to uncertain market conditions thanks to their increased harmony.

Operational Excellence

What ?

Operasyonel Mükemmellik

Curiosity is the seed lying at the roots of the continuous journey towards excellence. Our purpose, in the customer-oriented approach, is not only to win over the customer but also to establish long-lasting business relationships with them.

A perfect customer experience is the result of a problem-free operation running in the background. Simplified business flows, digital processes and automated tasks are the most important steps towards ensuring efficiency.

The change we need not only lies in improving one process but through a fundamental re-evaluation and restructuring, where we question everything, including our business model and old habits.


Who we are

Belet Boz consulting was created by a curious couple who set off to re-discover themselves after 50 years of professional life. We compiled our experiences, turning them into a repeatable and teachable approach at the end of this journey.

With an enriched view provided by our differences, we openly reveal and evaluate both good and bad aspects of each process and person. While one of us sees the best results, the other creates preventive measures for the risks

Who are we?

We are two SOP wizards and explorers of change, working to bring order to this chaotic and rapidly changing world. 

Ayben Belet Boz


Korhan Boz

Korhan Boz



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